About Our Field Trips

Learn about traditional games on a Stonefield field trip.

Stonefield field trips are about three hours long. Each field trip includes the following activities:

  • State Agricultural Museum

    Students experience the museum featuring a look at Wisconsin agriculture from prehistory to today through an interactive guided tour. Farming industry exhibits, machine models, farm tractors and implements, and hands-on activities help tell the story of the state’s transformation into an agricultural powerhouse. The museum contains the most extensive collection of historic farm machinery in Wisconsin. Guided tour, one hour

    1900 Farmstead

    Students learn and may “do” duties of running a 1900 farm house. Students will also learn how new technologies changed rural life on a progressive farm.

    1900 School House

    Step into a classroom from over 100 years ago! Students will compare and contrast this historic school with their own, then complete several classic school lessons. Lessons may include recitations, writing, math problems, and a spelling bee.


    Shake it up! Students will experience how rural consumers bought and sold goods, especially their dairy products. A visit to the creamery will include an activity on how butter is made!

    1900 Rural Village

    Time to explore on your own! Discover over 30 furnished shops, offices, and services that were part of a typical Wisconsin village.

    Nelson Dewey Home Site

    Explore the life of Wisconsin's first governor, Nelson Dewey.

    The Stonefield Store

    Browse a variety of entertaining and educational items related to Stonefield and the early history of Wisconsin.