About Our Field Trips

Learn about traditional games on a Stonefield field trip.

Stonefield field trips are about three hours long. Each field trip includes the following activities:

  • State Agricultural Museum

    Self-guided tours of the museum feature farming industry exhibits, models, farm tractors and implements. The museum contains the most extensive collection of historic farm machinery in Wisconsin.

    1901 Farmstead

    A costumed interpreter leads tours through the many facets of a re-created 1901 farmhouse. See small domestic farm animals make their home in the barns and fields of the turn-of-the-century farm.

    1900 Rural Village

    Explore the village's Farmers Store & Meat Market with a tour led by a costumed interpreter. Find out why this was seen as the Wal-Mart of the early 1900s. On their own, students can discover over 30 shops, offices and services that were typical in a Wisconsin village. A short classroom program in the village's one-room school gives students the chance to experience the uniqueness of rural education in the early 1900s.

    Nelson Dewey Home Site

    Explore the life of Wisconsin's first governor, Nelson Dewey. Costumed interpreters lead tours through the home's two floors. Students will learn intriguing details about how an upper-class 19th-century family lived.

    The Stonefield Store

    Browse a variety of entertaining and educational items related to Stonefield and the early history of Wisconsin.