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Relive Wisconsin’s Rise to “America’s Dairyland”

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Stonefield’s village includes 30 historic shops and factories that transport you back in time to the streets of Wisconsin over 100 years ago, including a newspaper office, cheese factory, bank, saloon, and more.

See the largest collection of farm equipment and vintage tractors in the state at the State Agricultural Museum. Visit the home site of Wisconsin’s first governor and see fascinating artifacts that tell the story of Wisconsin’s transition from territory to state.

With every step of your journey at Stonefield, you’ll be immersed in the spirit of ingenuity that helped propel Wisconsin forward. 

Things To Explore

Family exploring Stonepoint's 1900s Farming Village


Stroll down the boardwalks and stop into 30 shops and factories that offer a historic perspective of farm life in rural Wisconsin. From the Co-op Creamery and Cheese Factory to the Saloon and Newspaper Office, these products and services provide a glimpse into rural life in the early 20th century.

White house next to red barn in a field


See how farm life changed at the turn of the 20th Century. Enjoy the comforts of a 1901 home in rural Wisconsin with the new technologies and ideas that made life for rural farmers safer and more convenient.

Boy pointing at collection inside an exhibit at the State Agricultural Museum


Explore Wisconsin’s largest collection of farm tools, models, and machinery detailing the state’s agricultural past! Learn about Wisconsin farming, large and small, featuring everything from hand held tools for wild rice harvesting and wheat planting to large farming machines and the colorful characters that helped make Wisconsin “America’s Dairyland.”

The first goveroner of Wisconsin's family home and farm


Discover the fascinating story of Wisconsin’s first governor, his family, and his farm. After serving as governor, Dewey, his wife Catherine, and their children, Kate and Nettie, returned to Cassville and lived in a Gothic Revival home on a 2,000-acre agricultural estate. Today guests can tour the mansion built on its footprint.

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to relive Wisconsin’s rise to “America’s Dairyland”

Learn with the Wisconsin Historical Society

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Field Trips

The best day of your school year awaits! Don’t just read about history, experience it! Field Trips at the Wisconsin Historical Society’s historic sites and museums allow students to step into the worlds they’re studying through fun adventures and engaging experiences around the state for grades k-12. 

Wisconsin Historical Society Sites

Stonefield is one of the 12 historic sites and museums owned and operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society. Explore all of these sites below.